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BLS International-FedEx delivery service of your PASSPORT
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For courier to all non-residential addresses it is mandatory to provide name of business in address field.

Courier Service - Passport Drop Off to Your Address In Province

After you complete this form, you will be directed to make payment with your credit card. Do not refresh the webpage as this may result in duplication.
Once done, you will be returned to this webpage to receive your order confirmation.
Fees for drop off of your passport / documents Express In Province from your jurisdiction VAC (Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver only) : CAD$ 30.00 And Convenience Fee:CAD$ 0.70
Name: Email:
Phone: Passport No.:
Service: BLS Center Location:
IFVRT File Number:
(Only for visa applications)
Date of Birth:
Office or Home Address Details
Delivery Address:
(Your home/office address where you want your processed passport/documents returned)
Company Name: ( if any )
Valid Address:
Delivery Postal Code:
Delivery City:
Delivery Province:
Terms and Conditions:
  1. This is a courier service and does not imply approval of a visa/passport service.
  2. Please ensure that a complete set of documents is sent for processing, as required in the website.
  3. BLS will not be liable for additional courier charges incurred owing to lack of documents.
  4. The amount paid for this transaction is not refundable.
I have read and agree with the abovementioned terms and conditions.
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