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Change in date/place of birth


British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan Vancouver, Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary
Ontario, Quebec except area under Ottawa Jurisdiction, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Found land Toronto, Winnipeg, Brampton
National Capital region of Ottawa-Hull, Kingston, Cornwell, Hawkesbury, Arnprior, Renfrew, Perth Prescott, Brockville, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, Morrisburg (all in Ontario), Montreal (in Quebec) and Nunavut territory Ottawa or Montreal

Documents Required:

  1. Duly filled in miscellaneous application form.
  2. Present passport and a photocopy of the first 2 pages, last 2 pages and all the observation pages.
  3. 2 photographs - Color – against a light background showing full frontal view of the face.(35mm x 35mm)
  4. Original Valid PR Card with one set of photocopies (both sides), where applicant is not a PR, current valid immigration documents (e.g. Study permit, Work permit etc.,) in original with a photocopy thereof is to be submitted.
  5. An Order of a First Class Magistrate from India is required. 

Processing Fee

Please note that the fees / processing charge are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Mode of payment:

1) In Person:

Payment can be made by using the below mention modes only:

  1. Cash
  2. Debit Card - (Interac)
  3. All money orders and bank drafts are made payable to BLS International Services Canada Inc.

2) Postal Applications:

  1. Kindly Provide Postal order only in favor of BLS International Services Canada Inc., which includes Passport fee+ consular surcharge + BLS Service charges + Return courier fees (10 CAD), to send back your processed application.
  2. Kindly do not enclose any cash in your postal application envelope. BLS will not be responsible for the loss of cash or the postal orders.
  3. Postal applications can be sent only to the Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver application Service Centers.

    Please note that postal applications will not be processed until the correct consular fee + consular surcharge fee, service charge and courier is paid.

S.No Particulars Consular fee(CAD$) Consular Surcharge(CAD$) BLS Fee(CAD$) Total fee
1 Replacement of passport of 36 pages having validity of 10 years for changes in personal particulars 76 2 7.40 85.40
2 Replacement of passport of 36 pages for changes in personal particulars for minors below the age of 18 years with validity of 5 years or till the minor attains the age of 18 years whichever is earlier 51 2 7.40 60.40

Processing Time

Please be advised that the estimated processing times are mentioned below. However, how long an application will take to process is also dependent on the following factors such as; the city the application was submitted in, in which city or country was the previous / old passport issued, your current visa status and etc. The estimated processing time mentioned below does not include the time that the courier company will take to deliver the passport. Please keep in mind that incomplete applications will lead to a delay in the processing of an application, and all applicant(s) are requested to comply with any changes that may occur during this time.
You are requested to make your travel arrangements only after receiving relevant service. BLS/HCI/CGI will not be liable for any claims of inconvenience or penalties should applicant need to make changes to their travel plans owing to the delays and/or any inconvenience caused due to any rejections.

Ottawa Jurisdiction Toronto Jurisdiction Vancouver Jurisdiction
Minimum Processing Time is two weeks At CGI-Toronto directly Minimum Processing Time is 4 weeks.

Note: Applications sent by post will take additional 4-5 working days for processing.

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BLS India Visa Application Center provides courier facility to the applicants. On subscribing to this service, you will receive your documents post completion of application at your doorstep. Please enquire about this service when you visit the Visa Application Center. This service can be requested while submitting the application at the Visa Application Center.