Fast Track Evisa
Business Visa

Who can apply?

  1. All Canadian Nationals or Non-Canadian nationals holding permanent residence status in Canada for 2 or more years.
  2. All Non-Canadian Nationals (Apart from U.S / U.K Nationals) holding work permit status less than 2 years in Canada can only apply for Business Visa in home country.
  3. U.S & U.K National holding work permit status in Canada may be eligible to apply for business Visa up to the discretion of the Indian Mission.
  4. Govt. of India has started issuing 5-10 years duration for Tourist and Entry visas for Canadians starting from the 4th Dec 2017.
  5. Bio-metrics is compulsory for all Visa applicants.(Kindly add the point in applicant's appointment receipt too). Applicants between the age of 12-70 must be present personally at the BLS Center to apply for the same.
  6. 5-10 years visas will not be accepted by Post/Mail.

Business visa is granted to those who wish to visit India for business and trade purposes e.g. meetings, participation in exhibitions, trade fair, trainings etc.


British Columbia, Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan Vancouver, Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary
Ontario, Quebec except for areas under the Ottawa Jurisdiction, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland Toronto, Winnipeg, Brampton
National Capital region of Ottawa-Hull, Kingston, Cornwell, Hawkesbury, Arnprior, Renfrew, Perth Prescott, Brockville, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, Morrisburg (all in Ontario), Montreal (in Quebec) and Nunavut territory Ottawa or Montreal

Required Documents

  1. Online visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant Click Here.
  2. One recent passport size (51 mm x 51mm) photograph For specification: Click here. Recommended Avail PHOTOGRAPH Services at Centre Only.
  3. A current valid passport with minimum of 190 days validity and two blank visa pages.
  4. For Canadian passport holders: Please sign page no. 3 of the passport
  5. All documentation mentioned in Business Visa Checklist (Note: duly filled and signed by applicant for each application).
  6. All Non-Canadian passport holders need to submit a completed and signed ‘Additional form for Non-Canadian Nationals
  7. All Sri Lankan Nationals/Origins need to submit a completed and signed ‘Additional form for Sri Lankan Origins
  8. All Chinese Nationals need to submit a completed and signed ‘Additional form for Chinese Nationals'
  9. For business information sheet, please follow the link: Business Information Sheet
  10. Canada Visa Application Sample Form

  1. The period of continuous stay during each visit will not exceed 180 days.
  2. Registration with concerned FRRO/FRO will be required for continuous stay exceeding 180 days.
  3. It is advisable to apply for Visa at least 15 days before your intended date of travel.
  4. Online Visa application form is available on website  
  5. Submit the printout of the duly completed and signed online Visa forms along with supporting documents at one of the offices of our outsourcing agents, BLS International. Their office addresses, timings phone numbers and e-mail address can be found at
  6. The duration & number of entries of the Visa issued is completely at the discretion of Indian High Commission/Consulates.
  7. You may also visit High Commission of India, Ottawa’s website at , Consulate General of India, Toronto’s website at and Consulate General of India, Vancouver’s website at  or our outsourcing agency M/s BLS International Services Canada Inc. at their website for details.

Processing Time

Applicants are advised to submit visa applications minimum 15 days in advance of their travel plans.

The estimated processing time per applications is:

Ottawa Jurisdiction  Toronto Jurisdiction Vancouver Jurisdiction
Canadian National (7 - 10 Working days) Canadian National (7 working days) Canadian National (5 - 7 Working days)
Non-Canadian National (10 - 15 Working days) Non-Canadian National (15 - 21 Working days) Non-Canadian National (10 - 15 Working days)
Afghani, Iran, China, DPRK, Bangladesh (PPT Holders/Origin(6 Weeks) Afghani, Iran, China, DPRK, Bangladesh, (Passport Holders/Origin (15 - 21 Working days) Afghani, Iran, China, DPRK, Bangladesh , (Passport Holders/Origin (4 Weeks)
Sri-Lanka (PPT Holders /Origin (10-15 Working days) Sri-Lanka (PPT Holders/Origin(15 - 21 Working days) Sri-Lanka (PPT Holders/Origin (6 – 7 Weeks)
- Pakistani PPT Holders/Origin. Apply directly to CGI Pakistani PPT Holders/Origin. Apply directly to CGI



  1. Processing time mentioned above is an approximate estimate from HCI / CGI. Therefore, BLS International has no influence on the processing time taking when under process at HCI / CGI, if crosses the normal processing time. Applicants are requested to not make a travel arrangement before receiving the valid visa.
    1. Applicants are requested to contact BLS helpline only if the normal processing time (working days) is exceeded. BLS International will in turn forward the information to HCI / CGI but in any case BLS International cannot guaranty the processing time that will be taken after normal processing time due to subject to clearance reason. Contact HCI / CGI procedure: Only after normal processing time has exceeded, applicant can contact the nearest Indian Mission via email for information beyond BLS International Service conditions (For more info: Visit Useful links on BLS Canada website). Note: HCI / CGI will not respond to emails for information processing time, if the application has not exceeded the normal processing time as stated above. HCI / CGI will make all affords to respond the applicant at the earliest (Respond time for the email from HCI / CGI is based on many factors at Indian Mission. Hence, BLS International cannot guaranty any turnaround time for email respond from HCI / CGI.
  2. Duration of the Visa is the sole discretion of the Indian Mission officer. Hence, if applicant has paid for longer validity and has received short validity there would be no refund on HCI / CGI fees under any condition. (Any clarification on any matter towards Visa issued only: Applicant needs to address this at Indian Mission directly via email. (For more information: Visit useful links on BLS Canada website). As BLS International has no influence of the Visa issued by HCI / CGI.
  3. Important note: The BLS International Call Centre or BLS International Centre in Canada is unable to take Courier redirection address request: Due to logistic reason: BLS International is unable to receive any request from applicant for re-directly of courier address after the application is process at the Centre (This is to avoid security risk of delivery of the passport) or cannot hold back the passport at the Centre under any condition. Applicant are requested to calculate the processing + dispatch of courier time or the above information highlighted on subject to clearance at HCI / CGI and provide a final address for receiving the passport in or out of province of Canada. Note: Under any condition: Original Passport or other original documentation + copies will not be dispatch out of Canada.
  4. Incomplete applications will lead to a delay in the processing of an application, and all applicant(s) are requested to comply with any changes that may occur during this time.
    Travel arrangements must be made only after receiving relevant service.
  5. BLS/HCI/CGI will not be liable for any claims of inconvenience or penalties should applicant need to make changes to their travel plans owing to the delays and/or any inconvenience caused due to any rejection
  6. Applications sent by post will take additional 3-4 working days for processing.
  7. The estimated processing time mentioned below does not include the time that the courier company will take to deliver the passport.


Factors which influence the average application processing time are:

  1. Location of the application center
  2. City or country where the previous / old passport was issued
  3. Current visa status

Visa Fee Schedule

Please note that the fees / processing charge is non-refundable and non-transferable

Mode of payment:

1)   In Person:

Payment can be made by using the below mention modes only:

  1. Debit Card - (Interac)
  2. Cash (Applicant are requested to get exact cash as per number of applications)

2)   Postal Applications:

  1. Kindly provide CERTIFIED CHEQUE only in favor of BLS International Services Canada Inc., which includes Visa Fee + 9.82 (BLS Service charge) + ($20 or $30 for Return courier fee within Province OR for outside province respectively), to send back your processed application
  2. Kindly do not enclose any cash in your postal application envelope. BLS will not be responsible for the loss of cash or the postal orders
  3. Postal applications can be sent only to the Ottawa, Brampton, and Vancouver application service center.
  4. Please note that postal applications will not be processed until the proper visa fees, service charges and courier charges are paid.

Note: "We are not providing any pickup and drop off service for PO box address. Applicant has to arrange his/her own pickup and need to provide self addressed printed prepaid return envelope. Also, we do not guarantee for the delivery at PO box address".


S.NO VISA TYPE/Duration/Entries/DURATION FEES TO BE CHARGED CAD W.E.F. 01.04.2017 ICWF Fee BLS Service Charge Total Visa Fee
1 Business Visa (B)        
  Up to 1 year Entries Single/Multiple 184 4 9.82 197.82
  MoreThan 1 Year up to 5 years/Mutiple 383 4 9.82 396.82

Other Visa Types

S.NO VISA TYPE/Duration/Entries/DURATION FEES TO BE CHARGED CAD W.E.F. 01.04.2017 ICWF Fee BLS Service Charge Total Visa Fee
1 Missionary Visa  123 4 9.82 136.82
  Up to 6 Months Singlr/Multiple entry        
  MoreThan 6 months up to 1year/Mutiple 184 4 9.82 197.82
  more than 1 year up to 5 years 306 4 9.82 319.82
2 Mountaineering visa        
  Up to 6 Months Singlr/Multiple entry 123 4 9.82 136.82
  MoreThan 6 months up to 1year/Mutiple 184 4 9.82 197.82
3 Intern Visa  123 4 9.82 136.82
  Up to one Year/ Multiple entry        
4 Film Visa        
  Up to one Year/Single/ Multiple entry 184 4 9.82 197.82
  Maximum Duration of Visa will be 1 year        

NOTE: Gratis Visa (for all types including Visa Trasfer) countries, Afghanistan,Argentina,Bangladesh,Democratic peoples Republic of Korea, Jamaica,Maldives,Mauritius,Mongolia,southAfrica and uruguay.

Seychelles, Gatis except for work/ Employment Visa.
Nepal and Bhutan do not need Visas to enter India.
Nepalinational entering India from China require visa which may be grated Gratis
Pakistani nationals will be charged existing visa fee


Courier delivery:

Upon availing courier service, the processed documents will be delivered at your doorstep. This service can be requested while submitting the applications in the visa application center or postal submission & return courier service for a small additional cost (On selecting the courier service: The courier service fee (taxes included) would need to be added along with the above fee chart total. In case applying via postal the courier service fee applicant will need to be added into the same Bank draft or Money order amount).

Checklist / Forms

Checklist and Forms for Business Visa is available for downloading from this section. Use the link given below to download the checklist.

Checklist Online Visa Application Form Visa Application Sample Form
Toronto Click here 1 to 10 years Business Visa Checklist Click here Click here
Vancouver Click here Click here Click here
Ottawa Click here Click here Click here

Additional Form to be filled by Foreign/Non-Canadian Nationals

Additional Form to be filled by Sri Lankan Origin

Business Information Sheet (Toronto and Ottawa Jurisdiction)

Business Information Sheet (Vancouver Jurisdiction)

Business Visa Chinese National

Note:An Application Form cannot be submitted at the Visa Application Centre on an applicant's behalf. It is recommended that you post/courier your application, as this will save your travel to and queuing time at the Centre.


BLS India Visa Application Center provides courier facility to the applicants. On subscribing to this service, you will receive your documents post completion of application at your doorstep. Please enquire about this service when you visit the Visa Application Center. This service can be requested while submitting the application at the Visa Application Center.